Transforming Hairlines


Non-Surgical hair restoration

That works for everyone

Weather you need custom or stock hair replacement system, at Hairline Creations we specialize in all options. While our world renowned custom hair systems are our specialty, we work with many hair replacement manufacturers and distributors such as: HAIRSKEEN, HairVisions International, New Image, etc. to satisfy all of our clients' needs and budgets.

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If you need more information, have questions or need advice regarding fixing your hair loss, feel free to contact us.

We also offer free, confidential and no pressure evaluation consultations and highly recommend for anybody suffering with hair loss to take advantage of it. 

Coming in for a consultation gives us a chance to evaluate your level of hair loss and determine if you qualify for our Instant Transformation Solutions. 

The new Instant Transformation Solutions allow us to create any hair style within literally few hours. 

We have 3 Chicago land locations:

Chicago, Arlington Heights & Hickory Hills.