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We specialize in non-surgical hair restoration aka hair replacement. Hair Replacement is the only hair loss solution on the market that can effectively and rapidly restore hairlines and provide hair loss victims with enough hair to support any hair style regardless of the extent of hair loss they experience.

Our primary focus is on providing 100% custom solutions that guarantee perfection when it comes to natural look and comfort specifically tailored for each individuals'  needs and lifestyle. We help you create your dream hairline so that you can get compliments on your hair again. 

Due to the increased popularity of stock hair replacements, we have developed customized solutions that allow many of our clients to experience rapid transformations even more affordably. Our clients' favorite is our premium Déjà vu system paired with our Freedom Bond attachment method.


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Our Hair Replacement solutions are simple and effective, and they are guaranteed not to disappoint. We help our clients get hairlines they want so they can be happy and proud again. 

No side effects, no scarring  or patchy hairlines.

Over 55 years of successful transformations, thousands of happy customers.



Whether you need help with styling, cutting, coloring, finding the attachment method that works for you, or even if you need repair on your hair system - we can help you.

We find, train and keep only the most talented designers, stylists, technicians and hair ventilators. Having a complete team of professionals and facilities that allow them to perform at their best is the only way to provide personalized quality services tailored precisely to your desires and lifestyle.


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